Oct 17, 2014

Pricing Your Art

I have just received a cheque from the sale of a piece of art .... now I can pay the deductible when my truck comes back from the repair shop today ! Did I mention that I'd had an argument with an angry hornet and a fence post ? The bee gained freedom and the fence post is still standing ... poor 'Dakota' had $2000.00 damage in the final assessment !

Anyway, the cheque got me thinking about the I price I had placed on this piece of art. I price by making a rough guess at it's worth ... somewhat figuring in hours, materials, and the market I am trying to sell in ... so far I have been extremely lucky or was I actually smarter than I thought I was ?? 

I decided that I might be even smarter to check with ArtBusiness.com 

A couple of years ago I went in search of information on writing an artist statement ... loved the help and common sense ... and I bookmarked the website to read later at my leisure; 

Today I finally decided to read one of the many other helpful articles there.

How Any Artist Can Price Their Art for Sale ... great read !  It is a long article and I hope you find the time to read it all ... these are a few things that stood out for me;

* 'Nothing is worth anything until it actually sells, which means the following -- that someone places their money in the palm of your hand and accepts your art in exchange.'

* 'Don't think that your art is so unique that you can price it without regard to what's happening elsewhere in your art community or in the art world in general.' 

*'.....  about comparing. The people who buy art do it; you should too.   PP

* 'At all times, be consistent with your pricing.' 

*'ALWAYS price your art. Don't make them ask. Don't make them email. Don't make them call. Not pricing your art and making people ask is a game.' 

* 'So support your prices with facts. People care about how they spend their money-- they want to feel like they're spending it wisely. So show them that they're doing the right thing, that your art is worth what you're selling it for, that other people buy it, and that it is OK for them to buy it too.'

Site principal, Alan Bamberger, is an art consultant, advisor, author, and independent appraiser specializing in research, appraisal, and all business and market aspects of original works of art, artist manuscript materials, art-related documents, and art reference books. He has been selling art since 1979 and rare and scholarly art reference books since 1982, and has been consulting and appraising for artists, galleries, businesses, organizations and collectors since 1985.

This article sure knocks the ego right out of you and sets things on a 'common sense' level. I hope you find answers here for the business end of your creative process ... I'd love to know what you think !

old beaver pond-Killbear Prov. Park

Oct 9, 2014

Good morning fellow bloggers ;)

I am now able to make capital letters (pretty hard work for these severely arthritic fingers) and feel a little better about posting anything. 
This surgery has truly amplified what has become my particular mantra for 5 1/2 decades 'stop complaining, it could be worse' ... and I am truly thankful that I will be only a one arm bandit for 6 weeks !!! Dressing one's self is easiest when I just wear a nightie ... all day ! Wearing a bra is not an option if you have no one (or just won't allow) else's assistance ... I have always been very independent and really hate to ask for help when I can perfectly manage ... somehow. I am able to use my other hand minimally if the sling allows ... so spreading butter on my toast is now an accomplishment. Personal hygiene .... what can I say that wouldn't be gross ? ... nothing, so I will let your imagination play here ... I just thank god that my wounded wing isn't the dominate one.  So many, teeny, tiny things that I take for granted every minute of my day, are now driving me crazy ! 
But ... I have lots of time to catch up on my soaps and browsing the internet !
In my email this morning was the latest interview by The World of Threads

The World of Threads Festival is a very well-known and far-reaching, yearly celebration of fibre art out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been reading their interviews, of participating artists, for several years now (secretly hoping that one day I would be good enough to enter and be accepted in one of their shows ). 
Today's interview is of American artist James Arendt http://worldofthreadsfestival.com/artist_interviews/127-jim-arendt-14.html ... wow ! I am a new fan of this artist and his fibre of choice !  Fascinating work and a great interview ! 

"I will not make any boring art" ...  John Baldessari

Happy Thanksgiving  to all who celebrate this weekend !

Oct 6, 2014

Feeling Fine !

I had rotator cuff surgery this past Thursday. 
The physio started today but I will wear a sling for almost 6 weeks .
... the pain was minimal, I'm off the perc's !
... and I am feeling fine ! 

I wanted to see for myself, so the old guy drove me to the gallery where my piece 'Winter Stream' was juried in ... a lovely country setting on a gorgeous fall day 
... 1st Prize in my category ! 
... and I am feeling fine ! 

Oct 1, 2014

A Canadian Flag

I was blog surfing yesterday. 
You know that line at the top of your blog where you can sign out ? ... or to the left you can click on 'Next Blog'  ... well I clicked and got A Pieceful Life ( a quilters blog by Peg out of BC) ... and from there I came upon Family Trees May Contain Nuts, authored by Lori E.  
Lori had a flag that I coveted so I emailed and asked her if I could please have my own flag to post on my blog. Voila ... it's here ! I am so illiterate when it comes to actually getting things like this on my blog, but it worked ... hurrah ! 
If you want one, visit her blog where she writes some very funny stuff.

"The Story Of Me ... One day ... a long time ago, there lived a woman who did not whine, nag or bitch (that would be me) ... but, that was a long time ago and it was just that one day ... The End"

Sep 29, 2014

A Spontaneous Sunday Drive.

This past week I delivered my latest work to the gallery ... a beautiful fall day out in the countryside. Alas, I had no camera, not even my phone. I was telling hubby about the stunning colours of the trees and we decided to go look again. The sky was becoming overcast ... we went anyway ! Seven hours later, with much good food in our stomachs (at a restaurant that was featured on TV's 'You Gotta Eat Here'), and 56 new photos on my camera, we arrived back home ready to put our feet up or lay down. The rainy weather that threatened, never arrived. 
We headed towards the art gallery and made our way north through some little towns and finally to Beaver Valley ... if the sun had been shining, those fall colours would have been glorious !

Beaver Valley from the truck

An orchard near Thornbury ... high fencing around Red Prince apples
Blue Mountain in the background
From the Beaver Valley look-out

wish I knew how deep the valley was ... time to do some googling
I have never stopped here long enough before to take a good look at some of the features of my own province.
Who needs to travel abroad when all of Canada lays before us ?

Sep 22, 2014

Hi !!! I'm Back !

 Just home last night after 3 weeks camping at Killbear Provincial Park in beautiful Georgian Bay. Great time even tho' 'Summer' quickly turned into a cold, rainy, windy Fall. 
I had my oldest granddaughter (19yrs) with me the first week (great, hot & sunny days) and my hubby the second week (lots of sun but getting cold at night) and alone the third week ... Fall came ! It really didn't matter what the weather was doing as I had my portable studio with me ;).
On one of the few occasions that I checked my email, this was waiting for me ....

Thank you for entering your work into the Wellington Artists' Gallery 3rd Annual Juried Show.  We had a good body of work to choose from, and the jurors took longer this year than ever to make their selections.  We would like to congratulate you on having your piece selected.  Please deliver your work  to the gallery on September 26th or 27th between 9:30a and 5:00p.  Your work will be considered for awards, and you will be notified if your work has been selected for an award.We hope to see you at the opening reception and awards ceremony on October 4th from 2 - 4.

Winter Stream
I made it ! ... no notification yet about any awards but I am very happy to have been juried in !
Then !!! 
Jurors Award winning 'Lake Huron Sunset', in a show at the Art Gallery of Burlington has been SOLD ! This piece, I was informed was 4th in the running for Viewer's Choice award !
Lake Huron Sunset

Well, that's my bragging done ... now to settle in and make some of the creative ideas I have in my head. While away I prepared a background to mount a piece of hand-stitching on that will be a part of a small travelling show that Connections Fibre Artists hopes to launch very soon ... the only stipulation was it had to be exactly 18"x18" ... we will get to see everyone's creation for the first time at a meeting in October.  
In one of my drives through the 700 acres of the park I took some inspirational photos.

Aug 27, 2014

Wow ... I Dyed It ! Now What ?

I have spent the last week or so between pet-sitting last week in a beautiful setting with beautiful gardens below the balcony ....

... and my aunt's 80th birthday this week (she doesn't look a day over 50 !!!!)
As per usual I took her on a driving tour of the area where she grw up and I just had to take this reference photo of the corn this year ! The kind of high corn that I remember, as a child, playing in .... East Wawanosh Twp. Huron County, ON, Canada.         My aunt is 5'6".
On the way home I passed this abandoned homestead which Mother Nature is quickly taking over.

Before I left last week I soaked a small piece of white cotton (6"x12") wrapped around a few purple leaves (I truly have no idea what they were or what I was doing) in a pint jar of hot water ... like sun-brewed tea in a glass pitcher ... then left it in a sunny window. I threw a very tiny piece of rusted iron into the jar for safe measure. I haven't done any of this on my own before but I have been listening, to my group and my blogger friends, somewhat. I opened my tiny bundle today and am surprised with the result ... I didn't expect anything would happen. But my white cotton is a bright shade of yellow (which sure doesn't show in these pics) and even tho' the rusty bit didn't touch the cloth, there is a small rusty spot on the fabric ! (I had remembered that rusty bits would darken the colour).
NOW WHAT ? ;) I've just ironed it but does it need something to 'set' it ? Just experimenting, here.
I have deliberately stayed out of this 'natural dyeing' arena but thought (if it worked) it would give my 19 yr. old gr.dau. & I something to play with when we go camping next week. She is staying with me for a week.

Yes, I am going to be on vacation for 3 weeks starting bright and early Mon. morning, driving north, then north-west for 4 hrs, into the near-northern forests of Ontario ... can't wait ! I will on occasion be in a Tim Horton's to use their free WiFi and catch up on a few things. Otherwise I shall be stitching on something ... I don't have any idea, on what, at this time.
Talk to you soon !