Apr 30, 2016

So Happy !

I have been locked out of this blog for several months now and was really too busy to take the time to sit down and get the lock out corrected ... still have no idea what went wrong, but I'm happy, now ;)

I have been away for the last month and busy with 2 fibre art shows, but I am home nowand can now relax a little.

Two new projects have my attention right now, but I have only a few pics ready to post.

On the left is a fav. pic of myself, without my glasses, that I actually like ... there are not many that I do like !  I had taken it myself in front of my computer.
On the right is a posterized version of the same photo. When I printed it off on my B&W printer I ended up with a black, white and 2 shades of grey ... voila !, ...  my fav. colours and a damned good challenge to do a self-portrait ! 
Notice the heart-shaped lighted area on my cheek. 

traced it onto water-soluble
bright sunshine has cast shadows

as of April 15th
as of today, April 30, 2016

* the heart-shape on my cheek has played out in my 'family tree leaves' that I am using as the bottom border of this project ;)

Mar 20, 2016

YAH !!! It's The First Day of Spring !

It was certainly spring-like out there today ! 
The sky was sunny, the crocus in full bloom, many chirping birds ... and a pair of mallards have been using the pool as a spa !

Hello everyone ! 
I am still trying to get back to visiting all of you on a more regular basis. I have been very sick with a nasty cold and an eye infection (makes looking at the computer screen not nice) but have finally managed time and energy to finish up my Inukshuk threadpainting (see last post), which I have titled 'Foggy Morning', and have delivered it to its new owners ;)

So, just dropping in to say 'HI' before I take off to my next house-sitting jaunt in Fergus (1month this time) and I will be working hard on my next project from there ... and will post progress pics ;) 

As some of you know, I am one of the coordinators of Threadworks Juried Traveling Show 2016 ~ 'FLASHBACK' ... lots of stuff to do before it opens April 17, 2016 at the Wellington County Museum & Archives, Fergus ON ... luckily I will be 2 min. down the road from all the happenings at the WCM&A ;)
If you are in the neighbourhood and need a good fibre fix, save this date ~
Sunday, April 17, 2016, 1-4pm

Happy Spring Everyone !

Feb 15, 2016

Is It Spring Yet ?

Gee, before I know it 2016 will be all over ! My, how fast time flies ... I don't know quite why, but I am finding it hard to set an hour aside to post some work on my blog these days !
I did, however, manage to finish a small panel of colour texture and found objects for one of my daughters ... these little items are 5"x10" and are just perfect for a bit of art in one of those small places in our homes that are too small for much of anything else ... and they give me something to work on when I just need to do something ;)
'BLUE' ... For some reason blue and gold/metallic are her colours of choice with copper foil, gold threads, painted/distressed brown paper

 The weather was spring-like last week and below freezing this week ... so it isn't just me who doesn't know what the heck is going on ! The robins came back almost a month early and the ground hog says we have 6 more weeks of winter ... I'm confused !  doesn't take much ;)

I have finally finished the 'INUKSHUK', and completed another small panel of colours, textures and found objects for my 4yr. old granddaughter, and designed a half dozen Christmas cards for next year (finally ! I am on top of that job !) and have finished a rough sketch that I am satisfied with for a free-motion machine embroidered portrait !
Having 2 weeks alone, house-sitting, has enabled me to wind down and focus strictly on some art.
My new sewing room/studio is completely ready for new work and I can hardly wait for spring days where I can open the windows there and take in the smells and sounds of warm spring days.
'INUKSHUK'  ... on a rainy/foggy August morning, Killbear, Prov. Park


drawn onto water-soluble
I have drawn this picture many times and am now satisfied enough, and familiar enough, to venture with it into the world of free-motion machine embroidery on water-soluble ;)  I plan to do this using blac, white and shades of grey ... just like as the B&W photo that I have been working from. I had considered using colour, but I have no idea even, of what colour of hair she had (I would guess she was a red-head as all of her 7 children were shades of red). I met and remember all of them but really don't want to guess. Her father was from Scotland and her mother's family were from Ireland.This will be, if I am reasonably successful, for a show next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)
I did some 'GOOGLE' research on Battenberg lace, circa 1880, and came across this photo below ... beautiful lace, not Battenberg and not exactly what I was looking for ... but wonderful !!!  ... creator unknown.

Jan 10, 2016

Hello From Ontario !

It's pretty cold now here in Ontario !
But we were in sweaters Christmas Day !
Son-in-law lighting my tree in the fog 2 weeks before Xmas Day
I don't like a green Christmas, but in my old age I am starting to appreciate the light clothing and dry footwear ... and the lack of ice !
So unseasonal!  Rainy now and any snow we had has quickly disappeared.
Fresh snow in the forecast for the next few days ... just looked out my window and it's a blizzard out there !!!

I am not going to bother you with a year end review. I am, however going to thank you for following me this year. I have been a little absent these last 3 mos. but hope to make up some time by telling you that I have been busy clearing house, including all the little places where household clutter resides. I have now started work in my new studio ... it's such a big room and I feel a little insignificant when I'm there, but I'm sure I'll get used to it !

I must mention my biggest accomplishment this year ... I lost 52 pounds !!!!!!!
I finished the program Dec. 17 ... right before Christmas ! Very hard to resist all the good things that abound, but I managed to be very good, tasting everything that I wanted to, and I communed with several glasses of Merlot along the way ;)
BUT ... I kept walking several times a week ... a kilometre each and every time. I'm feeling very fit for an almost 68 yr.old and the weight loss has been so good for relieving the stress on my joints. I can now do stairs like any normal older person ;)
My goal now is to take off 20 more pounds by counting calories, eating small portions and to keep walking ;)
Judy, a classmate and new friend, drove me to classes for 24 weeks ! ... below is just a small token of my appreciation that I made for her. She loves the colour.
approx. 5" x 12"

approx. 4"x8", str. stitch, x-stitch and fly stitch,
various found/saved yarns, ribbons, beads,
some free-motion machine embroidery

Now, for the surprise of my life !!!
Two days before Christmas I received an email from a friend, in which was a forwarded message from a woman that I last saw last about 45 yrs. ago. 'Phyllis' was wondering if I would like to take possession of a painting that her mother had commissioned from a young 18 yr.old teenager in 1966.

paint missing :(

love these two little women  !
That teenager was me !
Phyllis's mother had commissioned me to paint a Spanish Street scene for her. Phyllis was about 10 yrs. old when the painting finally came to hang over her mother's couch in 1967. This painting is nearly 50 yrs. old !  (My mother's friends were very supportive of this young teenager, afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 11.)
I knew my benefactor had passed away a long time ago and I often wondered what had ever happened to the painting. Phyllis said that her brother had inherited it and after time it came to her ... but she had no room/place for it (17"x47") and wanted to contact me to see if I would like to have it back !!!  Small world ! A friend of a friend ... and now back with me !
It has lost a bit of paint (probably due to my inexperience with oils ... had never had a lesson before) ... and most of it was painted using a palette knife. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I do have some spare rooms now ;) I cannot recall, for the life of me, what I had used as resource material ... can only guess that I had spent some time going over books in the library ;), long before the internet.
It was at this time that I met and started dating my high school sweetheart, so painting wasn't much of a priority after that ;)

My last bit of exciting news ... gr. baby # 12 on it's way ... just received the news yesterday ;)

Dec 31, 2015

To A Happy New Year !

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a new book ... write a good one !
... Brad Paisley

Dec 15, 2015

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all !

I hope the very best to you and yours and fully plan to be back in blogger-mode for 2016 and will share an exciting event that started 50 yrs. ago ;)
Be well ~ Be safe

Nov 16, 2015

Two Fridays

My 'first husband' & I have become empty-nesters (have I mentioned this before ;););) ) for the first time in 41 years. Other than attempting to 'cleanse' our old house from top to bottom since the end of September, we have taken no fun time together. But Fri. the 6th of Nov., we promised ourselves a trip to the McMichael Gallery  (wikipedia) in Kleinburg. This gallery is devoted to Canadian Art and, in particular, to our iconic Canadian painters, The Group of Seven. 
I stupidly thought photos would not be allowed and left my camera in my vehicle. Not so, but the weather was so nasty that I just couldn't send dear 'first husband' out to walk all the way back to the parking lot (raining like cats & dogs ). Instead, we soaked up the atmosphere and strolled leisurely for 3 1/2 hrs. through gallery after gallery, stopping often to gaze out the windows at the natural surroundings of this fabulous place, inside a forest. It was warm inside, luxuriously quiet, the staff were very friendly and informative, and the place was a feast for the eyes.. 
The gallery has opened up some of the original family home and we we in awe of the size of this original home. In this section, was the 'This Home Was Made For Christmas' display, a newly acquired collection of original Christmas cards. The Group Of Seven did these during the winter months, when not out painting in the bush or paddling their canoes to yet another fantastic, site. It was a very strict 'no photos' when it came to these Christmas Cards ! And, they were truly beautiful ! So, if you have been in the habit of making your own cards, keep at it ! ... you never know who is compiling a 'collection' and you may be famous one day :)

Then, Friday, Nov. 13, we headed to Ontario's 'West Coast' ;), to the shores of Lake Huron on a cold, wet, fiercely windy day.
A crowd of spectators on the shore ? nope ... Inukshuks ;)

"About 200 stone way-markers, known as Inukshuks, have spontaneously assembled at Goodrich's Cove Beach during the past few months." ...read the headlines

"A town making good from rubble, a community rebuilding what was broken. That would be Goderich after the tornado of 2011. And it would be Goderich now, as a spontaneous collection of iconic Canadian way-markers has also become a metaphor for the town's resiliency. 
In August, someone assembled a few chunks of concrete into an Inukshuk figure - a free-standing human-shaped structure common in Canada's treeless tundra - at Cove Beach.
Now, hundreds of the stone markers populate the area and have become a tourist draw.
They've also now become the subject of controversy ; the town has been alerted to a possible lawsuit after an elderly woman, who leaned against one, brochure hip when the structure gave way."
These were the headlines and we had hoped to see these structures before the 'law' came into play ... we were not disappointed ! Except that, the wind was so strong, there on the beach, that I did not venture out of the car, instead relying on my zoom lens to get a closer look. Rain and lake water joined forces as soon as I opened my car window ... camera and handler barely able to stay still enough in the force of the wind ... and both soaked ! 
Even supporting my camera on the window edge did not help much.

those waves are 6-8ft. high !

                  two other views down to the beaches of Lake Huron
Please excuse the raindrops and the blurry pics ... today would have been a better day to go there ... 13C and sunny !