Jul 20, 2014

Enough Is Enough, Already !

I awoke this morning with another weather-related headache and stiffer than normal joints ... geeze, I'm tired already of the summer of 2014 ! It's nearing the end of July ! ... Canadian summers are already short enough !
If it isn't raining, big dark-bottomed clouds are racing across the sky and even with brief glimpses of sun, the nights are generally cold. Bloody Cold being the word that we Canadians use when describing the temperature as the snow leaves the surface of the ground, early in the spring. Cool is usually the word I would use to describe some (but very few) summer evenings.
Cold has me ready to scream 'enough is enough already !!!'
It was warmish yesterday, but definitely leading into rain, as I headed out to Elora for Group 5's 'Untitled' exhibition (The Harris Artists Collective) Opening Reception. I just have a small area between 2 large school house windows so 6 pces. were enough. There is a chest-high ledge all around the room which used to be the gym in this old public school.
I had to 'fix' these photos as the day was dark with rain on Thurs. when I hung these pieces. Attendance at the opening was middling but I had a chance to talk about my work to quite a few interested visitors ... and that's the best part for me.


the window sill piece
Anyway, it was gently raining when I headed toward my friend (and mentor) Elizabeth's house to do a quick exchange of treasures ... a small pce of beautiful bark for me and some light green, glass containers for her. Driving up her driveway reminded me to take a picture of the tree that had gotten blown down in last week's storm.

The 1st 2 pic.s are those that Elizabeth took ... the house is behind and untouched. Oh, look ... some sun after the storm !
Her husband standing in the fallen tree ...soooo huge when on the ground !

These last 2 pics are mine of where this tree used to be.
Still raining as I headed home along a back country road ... stopping to take some shots of the beautiful, if not soaking wet, country-side where the crops are making a good show, none the less.

Threatening clouds on one side of the road ... 
.... raining on the other, still a little ways off.

No break in the weather today ... just a bit warmer.

Jul 12, 2014

Connections Fibre Artists 2014 - "Celebrate The Seven'

I know it has been a while since I promised pictures of my group's last show ... 'Celebrate The Seven' by Connections Fibre Artists.  We went looking for a photographer who would come to the show and take photos ... thereby having all the photos have the same 'look' instead of a hodge-pode of photos submitted by all of us amateurs.
Ann Sanders convinced her s-i-l, Mathew McCarthy, to do the job for us and it was posted to YouTube.
This show will be heading to Oakville for the whole month of November, 2014. (info to follow).
From there ? ... who knows ?

Jul 8, 2014

Good News On A Dreary Day

Statistics say that the province of Ontario experiences more thunderstorms than any of the other provinces of Canada. Thunderstorms, with lightening, have been rolling through here for the last couple of days. I'm not complaining nor whining. I find this weather energizing most times.
But, this morning the rain came with a very bad headache and my misery had put me to bed most of the day. 

I finally roused myself to have a shower and get dressed for what remains of the day ... and then I opened my email to find a most pleasant surprise !
My pieces Lake Huron Sunset  and Community have both been accepted into the juried show 'Fibre Content' ! The notice of this show is in a post below.

... my headache doesn't seem nearly as bad !  ;)  I hope you are all experiencing some lovely weather of your own.

Jul 4, 2014

C F A (Connections Fibre Artists) Playday/Retreat, June, 2014

A little history: 
Many years ago, Connections (as it was known then) picked a weekend in June where we would 'retreat' to the country home of former member, Anne Luxton. 
Her beautiful, spacious home was situated on 20 acres in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON ... and she had many beds ... and we filled them ! 
3-4 days of relaxation, shared books, small workshops on new techniques, talking, laughing, crying ... shared potluck meals, wine, swimming in the pond with hungry brown trout, walks in the bush ... so many delights and memories ... good food, good times, good friends.

Anne moved, became uber-busy and retreats were centred at Sybil Rampen's ancestral country home on the outer fringes of Oakville, ON. 
Before long Sybil's home also became her heart's dream ... The Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre ... a few years, many workmen, much work and little time became the norm for Sybil.
For the last few years Connection Fibre Artists' (C F A) retreat at Sybil's has become a 'one-day playday' in June, with mini workshops, camaraderie, sharing and relaxation ... and lots of food. On any given day there will be 2-3 groups using this centre where art is everything. 
Sometimes we stay into the early evening, coming home with new ideas and cemented friendships.
This year, new member, Bethany Garner, taught a small workshop on batik using soy wax as a resist.
Sybil's gardens are fabulous !
laughter abounds
chatting and catching up
go-round to see what everyone has done
crank out a few more swatches before the day is done
not actually working 'cause catching up and sharing is so relaxing ... after-all it's a small slot of time away from the chores of home
looking good !
the weather was cloudy, humid with a chance of sun ... fabric was drying fast !
time-out for a wade in  the accessibility pool
aaaahh ... what a wonderful day !

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Such a great day and such beauty all around.

Jun 26, 2014

FIBRE CONTENT - Save The Date !

Just a quick post about a fibre art show that I have entered. I don't know yet if I have been accepted (was last year) but I am hopeful. 
It is a fabulous show of many different fibre disciplines and I encourage everyone within distance to see it !



Press Release                                          Juried Exhibition of Fibre Art
September 9 - 16, 2014
Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB)

Fibre Content, a juried exhibition of contemporary Canadian fibre art, returns to Burlington this fall. Hosted this year at the Art Gallery of Burlington AGB (formerly the Burlington Art Centre, BAC), the exhibition will showcase a wide range of fibre art, studio quilts and mixed media work by member artists from:

Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA)
Grand Guild of Fibre Artists
Burlington Fibre Arts
Oakville Fibre Artists

Connections Fibre Artists
Group of Eight Fibre Artists
Burlington Handweavers & Spinners Guild
Burlington Hooking Craft Guild

Colourful and creative, inspiring and innovative, this exhibition invites viewers to enjoy the diversity of patterns and passion expressed in fibre art. Over 100 traditional, contemporary, representational and abstract art quilts, weavings, rugs, felted and mixed media work presenting a variety of themes and subjects.

The jurors for Fibre Content 2014 are:
Emma Quin
Executive Director
Ontario Crafts Council
Virginia Eichhorn
Director & Chief Curator
Tom Thomson Art Gallery
Sandra Dupret
Dean/Principal, Fleming College Haliburton Campus

Located in beautiful downtown Burlington and situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Art Gallery has its own charming café and gift shop and is close to delightful and unique restaurants and boutique shopping.

Admission to the exhibition is FREE.
A full catalogue of all works will be available for $5.

The Art Gallery of Burlington
(formerly the Burlington Art Centre)
located at 1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1A9
Monday to Thursday – 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday & Saturday – 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday – Noon - 5:00 pm

Jun 25, 2014

The Maitland River At Rothsay, ON

Finally ! ... this piece is all ironed in place and just waiting for the sewing machine
... but, I think I will leave the sewing until I am away camping in the fall.
Believe it or not, I think I will have more room to leave it under the needle in the trailer than at home ... unless I commandeer the kitchen table. The finished size will be 22"H x 38"L. My sewing table at home won't support it very well.
Original Sketch on brown paper and hand-painted fabrics.
My original photo of the Maitland River running through the small rural town of Rothsay, Ontario.
Final small bits ironed in place ... another gray day doesn't make for good photography.
closer view
It has been gray and rainy for the last few days and very humid.  The hardest part about putting this piece together was the reflected trees ... I am not good at math and this just felt like math to me. I have some of the painted fabric left and I hope to get another winter scene put together ... maybe these pieces will have a cooling effect on me ;)

Jun 17, 2014

Paper Ribbons

My 'space' is covered in bits of brown paper as I prepare a canvas with new work ... a winter threadpainting. 
Last winter is shaping up to be a focal point in my work direction this summer. I have so many photographs of the hard winter of 2014, that it made sense to portray some in threadpaintings.  I shall plough on in spite of stiff joints, a torn rotator cuff and the usual aches and pains that always seem worse in spring.  June has brought some warm days, cold nights and spring rains.

Box of paper ribbons ... all pattern pieces for a new, as of yet, untitled threadpainting
... draw tees, cut out trees, trace trees upside down on Wonder-Under ironed to hand-painted fabric, cut out trees again ...

the bare bones of a new piece of work
Original working sketch from my own photograph ... still untitled ... 22"x38"