Apr 17, 2014

A Time To Breathe ;)

It's been 2 weeks since the opening of 'Celebrate The Seven' and my head finally seems to be getting back to normal .... and, I can breathe again !
I had the chance to come down from such a great 'high' with another house-sitting stint just a few days later ... peace & quiet ... for 11 days ... just me and my sewing machine. Time to think and sort all that the last year had dumped into the many little boxes that comprise my brain.
The show was a definite success and 7 pieces of art have been sold so far, including one of mine ! :)  I will be off to the gallery next week to take the photos I didn't have a chance to take opening night ... will post them soon.
Sold-approx. 12"x17"
Remember this from a few mos. back ? ... destined to be part of a much bigger whole, with heavy snow draped over the trunks of an over-grown hedge 

Now enlarged upon without the heavy snow. It is now a copse of trees with that one, odd tree that still holds onto a few dead leaves throughout the entire winter.
 The 'odd' tree has been hand-stitched with a hand-dyed thread that I was working with here. Very hard slogging through painters' canvas and med. weight interfacing on the back ! The thread is variegated blue, brown, beige ... the tree barely visible. Not quite finished with some red dogwood branches to be added in the foreground. Finished size will be approx. 18"x18"

Apr 7, 2014

A Grand Affair

A Tribute to the Group of Seven 
by Connections Fibre Artists

As the guest curator for this show I often worried whether it would come off well ... but it was a fine success !
26 fibre artists with 60 fibre art pieces on the walls !
I found myself being congratulated constantly with never much time to take good photos of the crowd (I'm not complaining ;)) 
The photos below were  taken just before the show officially opened. The crowds came at about 7:30 pm and there was no more time to get closer photos of viewers & art works. 
I was able to get very good 'detail' shots of most pieces before they were hung last Tues. The 'details' are going onto a rack card that I hope to design for the next gallery, if we get to send the show traveling ... we'll see. I will be heading back in the next few weeks to get more photos.
Video by a local media company --- interviewed as many artists as he could find assisted by the gallery's assistant curator.

Had to sneak in a photo of my very supportive gr. daughters ;)
John Willard's quilt of the Titanic meeting a 'Lawren Harris' style iceberg was a crowd pleaser.
Susan, the curator welcoming guests.

fellow fibre artists; Frankie LeMonde-Meunier, Gunnel Hag & Jennie Wood
Very supportive husbands and friends of the artists.

Fellow fibre artist, Ralph Beney, being interviewed 
The refreshment room

Our very smart-looking, 'Smart Serve' guys - Stan, a very supportive husband,
and fellow fibre artist, Dwayne Wanner.
This gallery is beautiful with some stone walls. It was built in the late 1800's as a Poor House for individuals who were 'infirm', destitute and/or had no one to care for them. About 100 years later (1970's) it was turned into a museum, carefully documenting the history and historical items of the times. It was a working farm and today even the barn is a museum display. A small graveyard was found abandoned in a copse of pine trees ...  it was restored and visitors can visit and pay their respects to over 200 souls who had no one to come collect and bury the dead.

Apr 2, 2014

World of Threads Festival

I was contacted to please forward this Call For Entry ... I am glad to do so and I hope that my fellow blogers take a look and take advantage of such a great festival of the fibre arts.


  DEADLINE: Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 12:00 Midnight.

We are really excited to see your new work! Artists from around the world are invited to submit bodies of work, installations or individual pieces to the festival. Multiple curators will draw from the submissions to create different exhibitions. Rather than having predetermined curatorial ideas, we are going to develop thematic shows entirely out of the work we receive. In Festival 2012 we curated using this process and it worked very successfully. Your artwork could potentially inspire an entire exhibition.

Festival Dates: Nov. 1 - Nov. 30, 2014

Mar 24, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun !

My house-sitting adventure is almost over ! The time has flown by ! The cats are starting to treat me like 'old hat' ... except when it is, ummmm, 'meat day' ... then they start trying to get me to get out of bed at the slightest sound of movement from my bedroom. They have been so easy to care for ... I will miss them !

Lots of work accomplished ! It is such a treat to work uninterrupted.
"SNOWFALL 2014 is finished, packaged and being delivered today ! yeah !

The water-soluble took 3 good soakings before the new fabric of 'just threads' was soft enough for my liking.

I tried to get decent photos while Snowfall lay on the floor. When this piece is hung on a wall and the proper lighting hits it, the shadows created will add a nice effect.

Snowfall is approx.20"x30"

SNOWFALL ~  2014
 I am looking forward to going home. I am well rested and lots of work was done. Time to go back to the hustle and bustle that is my home. Besides, the robins and the grackles have arrived and spring is coming ... it will !...it will ! I'm sure it will !!  Lots of work to do getting the back yard ready for b-b-q dinners and lounging around in the sun/warmth ! Still only -14C here, but I'm hopeful.

I managed to get a few pen & ink drawings either done or at different stages of development and have started to develop the (now defunct) background for snowfall into a painting by itself.

Mar 12, 2014

Jessy, Tigger and Spirit !

I am 2 weeks into another house-sitting for my friend Maggie ! ... with three lovely, gentle cats... Jesse, Tigger and Spirit.
Jesse is the man of the house and is sure to remind me that 'it's morning !' or 'it's meat day !'  (actually anytime is meat day in his eyes) ... he is very vocal. He escorts me to my bedroom every night, and is waiting for me in the morning ! He is the only one that ever ventures outside ... but not far, maybe 6' to the front step... not even off the door mat one day ! He just gets a whiff of the weather and turns back in, shaking the snow and cold off of his feet. It's been too cold for man or beast out there !
Tigger is a shy, beautiful large tabby, a real lady, and she minds her own business, thank you very much !
It took almost a week, but she wraps herself around my legs as I get their breakfast ready ... I think she has accepted me in this portion of her life.
Spirit is the 'kid' in the group and she is curious and talkative. She is missing her left front leg but manages to get around very well in spite of such a handicap... high spots are not a challenge. She puts a paw on my leg when she wants some 'petting' and jumps onto my lap if I'm watching TV.
I'm not sure how old these cats are but their favourite activity is sleeping.

I'm here for a month and the time is flying by. The weather is still cold ... but, we hit 3C a few days ago ... positively balmy ! Everywhere, people were out, the snow banks had melted enough that you could see the dogs that were being walked. The snow has started melting slowly but, today we are expecting 10-15 cm of new snow ! Temp's falling to -10C . 

I have made good use of my time here . . finishing my 'heavy snow, free-motion piece on water-soluble ... couldn't begin to tell you the hoursbut well over 3600 metres of thread ! Another hour of intensive work and I will be able to dissolve the water-soluble ... hurray !
I work on a winter ink drawing for a break.
oNFeb. 25th I put 6 pieces of art in the Harris Artists Collective show with an 'shared opening reception' last Sat. Next door in the Minarovich Gallery (a fabulous painting show)  ... and the refreshments were in our gallery !... so we had lots of people looking at our art !

 I am collecting art work from 27 fibre artists for our next show ~ Connections Fibre Artists ~ 'CELEBRATE THE SEVEN' ~ A Tribute To The Group Of Seven.
This house-sitting job is just 3 min.'s away from the gallery where I will deliver all these works that are conveniently gathering here.
I just looked out the window and there is twice as much snow as when I started writing and the crows, flying up the little valley are struggling with the wind ... O' Winter of 2014 !
I have been busy these last 2 months and haven't had much time to visit my fellow bloggers ... but I will soon be back to catch up with all of you !

Feb 26, 2014

Back At It

Just dropping in for a moment to show what I've been working on … during the short times between my daily, mundane chores and the 'stuff' that needs to be done for the show this piece of thread work is destined for; 

'Celebrate The Seven' ~ A Tribute To The Group Of Seven 
…. just over a month before the opening ! 
Featuring fibre art by 27 members of Connections Fibre Artists

As I have worked on this it has taken a change in direction … it may just hang alone.

This is my inspirational photo … from a very heavy snowfall in 2013.
I find if I post work, it has the effect of getting me working harder so that I will have a finished art work to show my blogger friends. 
ps. … lots of sun this last week … yeah !  But -30C out there !

Feb 20, 2014

Just When You Think …

… that all that glorious sun yesterday just might be the beginning of the end … Mother Nature decides taunt us again !

These shots , around my neighbourhood were taken at about 5pm this afternoon.
 It is pouring rain right now (10pm) with possible thunderstorms through the night !