Jan 25, 2015

Grow Your Blog Party

2 Bags Full
Hello fellow bloggers,
A few months ago, while browsing blogs (you know how it goes ... read the posts, read the comments, find someone of interest, click on their blog, etc., etc.), I became  intrigued by a badge that showed up on a number of blogs, advertising a 'Grow Your Blog Party.'  I'm always up for meeting other bloggers, so I clicked and came upon Vicki Boster's blog '2 Bags Full' ... a lovely, cosy place to nose around in. Vicki knits 'nests' , has an Esty shop, writes about her travels, works full time and has 5 grand babies ... her energy seems boundless.
This is the third Grow Your Blog Party that she has engineered to bring blog lovin' folk together. Nearly 400 bloggers are involved.
"My "GROW YOUR BLOG" event is designed to bring more readers and FOLLOWERS to your blogs. The premise is simple-- just visit as many blogs as you wish and sign up to follow those that interest you. In turn, all the other folks will be doing the same thing~ we will all be growing our blogs!"

So here goes ... I am 'Threadpainter', aka Sharron, and I am a Canadian fibre artist with free-motion machine embroidery as my main vice.
Fine art 'thread paintings' are the result of working from my own photographs, painting my own fabrics and stitching with my trusty old Kenmore sewing machine. 
I have recently tried my hand at dyeing fabrics (without really knowing what I was doing) and, although rather exciting, I have yet to use these experiments much. 
I love entering juried shows ! Sometimes I even win an award ... all icing on the cake !

I have a small 'studio' which and it is nearly always messy (I will spare you the photographs of it). This tiny room also houses my computer, my office, my boxes of old, inherited family photos, my drawing materials as well as books fabrics, threads and paint ... and ... my multi-purpose ironing board (I need and use all available surfaces ;)).
My 'studio' is cramped but cosy and I know where all my treasured bits are.
I am wife of One, mother of Four and grandmother to Eleven ... life is full.

I had a brief career as a cartographer, first for the University of Guelph (pronounced 'gwelf') and then for a local surveying company. At the university I co-illustrated a textbook when I was just 22 yrs. old, of which I have a copy and am very proud ... the textbook is now way out of date. 
Drawing with pen & ink is a passion that I have had since my cartography days. 

A fairly recent addiction is genealogy. My maiden name is Deacon ... so if you have this name in your family, I'd doubly love to hear from you ;)

Why do I blog ? ... mainly, as a great way to record my journey in art.
I like to make connections with other fibre artists who love using their machines to create art ... who would love to share and learn from another kindred spirit (me ;)). 

I have volunteered to help Vicki Boster with this wonderful 'Grow Your Blog Party' to bring all kinds of bloggers together.

Welcome to my blog and enjoy the stroll. I hope that you will leave me a comment ... I enjoy my visitors very much and I will respond in kind ;)

'Sunset ~ Parry Sound Killbear'

Making some progress on my newest work. I drew up another quick sketch just to show how my zig-zag stitch will look as the treatment for the pine boughs. I used my aquarelles and my (black with 1/2 a sugar) coffee for colour ;)

Also started stitching the 'big' tree which will (when done and washed of the water-soluble)  be placed over the whole collage and stitched down - see previous post.

I am getting anxious for the great assemblage.
stitching on Wet N Gone by Floriana here
building a good solid base for the future zig-zag stit
If you are new to stitching on a water-soluble, I highly recommend 'Wet N Gone'. It is great to work with ... very strong and tightens in the hoop without worry of tearing, and takes loads of stitching without holes opening up before you've had a chance to take the hoop away.

*Watch for tomorrow's post (January 25) - Grow Your Blog Party - when almost 400 bloggers from around the world will be visiting each other, all day. This will be a great opportunity to meet and greet bloggers of many disciplines of fibre art ! This affair is engineered by Vicki Boster at '2 Bags Full'.

Jan 20, 2015

It's A Start

So, I went back to my 3 little sketches ... going with sketch on the right for now ...
photo wouldn't up-right
and my original photo of this tree at sunset, in Killbear ProvincialPark, Sept., 2014.

I found, in my half-hearted attempt to clean and organize my 'studio', a roll of heavy brown paper (the support system of wrapping paper these days) ... and yes, I tend to 'save' such potential papers.

I cut a piece the size of a printer sheet and used a few dabs of a glue stick to attach a scrap of a sample (had sunset colours on it) of painting using Colour-Vie ... my dear friends and colleagues Elizabeth, Maggie & Gunnel live, teach, stitch, using this paint !
-popped collage into my printer and was pleased with the result - hand torn edges - but needed a proper colour for the background ... tea-dyed a piece of heavy muslin
- found some graph paper and drew the tree ... I intend to stitch this tree on water-soluble, using a satin stitch in parallel rows - something I did a while back when doing a Tom Thompson (Group of Seven) piece a while back
... so used the graph paper to draw squared-off clumps of pine boughs based on my photo.
To round out the final idea, I added a smaller, but zoomed image of the fence and sand ... a piece of dyed cheesecloth has been nosing in on the process.  Now I have something to stitch ... whew !!

I have wrestled with doing this in the similar fashion of an earlier piece, but I love trees and can do a whole series this way. It may look piece-meal and look like gobbledygook,  but it's a start.

Jan 16, 2015

In A Slump ;(

It has taken me a long time (for a blogger) to sit myself down and actually decide how to proceed in this new year ... chatty Cathy has left the building.
I have been filling this slump by reading many blogs where, in this new year, reviews of the last year seemed to be popular posts complete with oodles of photos.
Or, where self-questioning re; focus, series or no series, new directions, to blog or not to blog were the topics.
Still others went straight to their next project with gusto ... amen !
I have been in an art slump for many months ... having an extended holiday season didn't help. Losing a valuable connection with a local group of artists due to changes at an art centre last fall, doesn't help my drive to create, either.
I have been questioning my reasons for blogging. Blogging, when I first started, seemed to me to be a great way to meet lots of artists and find inspiration from artistic enthusiasm. Absolotely successful endeavour ... I have met many wonderful artists friends by blogging ;) The downfall, though, is trying to keep a presence on their blogs, to say, "I'm still here, I love your work, I cherish our connection".

I will continue to blog, I have quit Facebook (freeing up more time), and will continue a documentation of my reason for being ... soon ;)
As to my slump, cleaning and sorting in my 'studio' is the current action ... soon great ideas will emerge, I'm sure.
So, if you are wondering where Sharron is, know that I am working on it.

Jan 2, 2015

A New Year

Wow ! 2015 !

I have been thinking about this year for a few months now ... it's a new start on so many levels for me. 
I am starting a new drug for my rheumatoid arthritis ... self-injected ... that promises to bring much needed relief.
A few months ago my nurse practitioner suggested that I sign up for the bariatric program (weight loss) at our hospital ... she told me I would be on a waiting list and not to expect a call until April of 2015.
My blood pressure is under control again ... yeah !
As well, I had asked Santa to bring me a pair of Nordic Walking Sticks !

So now, 
... I start my new drug Jan. 7th 
... just got THE call for the program orientation meeting for Jan. 8th  
... and I will start walking in the mall with my new sticks next week 
oh, yes and new sleeping and working splints for my hands Jan 5th !
A new woman coming up !

2014 was full of art, juried shows, awards and planning of new shows, gearing up for a td-annual juried show that I co-ordinate, etc., etc., ... and by the time the holidays came I was exhausted ... too pooped to think about new work, let alone do any ... but the break was good ... new desire and new ideas should see me at the sewing machine again soon.

Happy New Year to you all ... I hope that the celebrations with family and friends, re-acquaintances and feasts, all help you start off the new year with spring in your step and inspiration filling your brain !

ps ... just passed the 30,000 visitors mark ! WooHoo !

my inspiration ... photo from my vacation in Sept.

some quick sketches of my own photo

Dec 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone !

Merry Christmas 
to my blogger friends and followers !
May you and yours enjoy this time of peace and friendship.

We're all painters ... it doesn't matter what we use for paint.

Dec 13, 2014

The Griswald's Were Here !

A spruce tree that I found in a planter by the pool about 15 yrs ago ... just 2 little needles sticking out of the dirt ... finally finding a home where once a large maple stood ... now about 18' high in front of our home ! ... 500 little lights on it


Today we had our annual Christmas tree hunt. 
The older kids enjoyed the trek through the bush as much as the grandkids enjoyed it ... Baby Sabrina is 15 mos. and walked most of the way !
This year we went to a tree farm that also offered hot chocolate with a few marshmallows for the kids to roast around 2 big campfires in the middle of the bush.
and they're off ...cold and damp today and quite foggy ... temp 0*C

dragging back their trophies ... look who's doing all the work ! my runner !

our 3 daughters and families ... Gramps in the middle ... kiddies out front

Amelia is yelling 'Merry Christmas !' 
the large campfire
... finished our hot chocolate and the marshmallows around the smaller campfire where Grandma could sit on a stump instead of a cold rock